3 Incredible Fitness Apps on the Android Platform

The concept of smartphones has been a lifeline for human being as they help you to remain fit and healthy. From sound to sleep tracking apps they have gone on to simplify the process. Android phones are blessed with a wide range of sensors that provide vital information about the magnitude of our workouts. It does go on to provide you with training routines so that you can manage your workout better. Coupled with exercises this fitness app would enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle on all counts.

Run keeper

It is an integrated app for Android users currently having more than 50 million users. The benefit of this app is that it is integrated with GPS that allows you to compare it with fitness activities on your mobile and provide instant results. Running, cycling speed, calorie burnout, and elevation can all be predicted with a reasonable level of accuracy. As a user you are in a position to view your detailed history of activities.

You can develop your own workout schedule or audio coaching with the help of this app. Though this app is free, it does go on to provide better in house purchase apps. In order to track your stats you can take help of an Android smart watch. This app is also available with the help of widget support.

Map my Fitness

This is an app that does allow you to track and monitor every fitness activity of yours. Nearly 600 type of fitness activities are covered be it in the form of yoga, cycling or workouts. For every GPS related activity you can go on to obtain GPS along with customizable voice feedback. In addition there are vital inputs about nutrition planning, calorie burnout and even weight tracking.

Even you can go on to choose nearby places where you can work out, and the favourite paths can be saved. This information can be shared with others. This is a free app within built additional features. If you happen to be a premium member you can unlock a lot of unnecessary features.

Strava GPS

This is an app that allows you to monitor cycling, running along with GPS activity. For sure this is one of the popular apps on the Android platform pertaining to your fitness. This can help you track the run, to map out a cycling route and with all the statistics available, you are in a position to analyse the training. In fact one of the notable features of this app is that it goes on to contain a leader board where you can go on to challenge with other users of this app. It does go on to include a GPS distance tracker along with a mile counter and once you purchase a premium version you can opt for marathon training

These are some of the popular fitness apps in the market. The best place to download would be a third party platform in the form of 9apps software. This app is one of the popular downloading apps in the market.

Rakesh Yadav