Common Air-Fryer Mistakes You Should Avoid

Air-fryers have become a common appliance in every kitchen now, and they are getting increasingly popular because of their ability to cook food without using much oil. They promote healthy eating, and can also bake and reheat food like an oven. But if you’re an air-fryer user, here’s a list of mistakes that you might be making with it.

Overcrowding the Basket

The basket of the air-fryer is pretty small. The whole portion of your food will most likely not fit into the basket all at once. Trying to fit them all in at once will result in overcrowding, and your food not being cooked consistently. The food can also turn out to be soggy. Give your food room for the hot air convection current to reach every part of it.

Not Preheating

Not preheating your air-fryer will result in your food being undercooked. Always make sure to preheat your air-fryer at the appropriate temperature beforehand, to ensure your food is cooked all the way through.

Only Making Fried Food

Many people misunderstand the name air-fryer by thinking that it can only be used to make fried foods. But what they forget is that it can also double as a convection oven and can be used for baking as well! From dinner to dessert, you can make beautiful baked items in your air-fryer!

Not Using Oil At All

Though the point of an air-fryer is that you can cook healthy, oil-free food, you can coat your food with a little oil before placing it in the basket, to give it a nice crispness or help the top layer of the food to brown evenly. The taste of your food will improve immensely by using just a little oil.

Not Turning the Food On All Sides

Your protein needs to be flipped to the other side, halfway through cooking. This will cook your protein evenly and gives it a rich taste. Toss your vegetables around in the basket while cooking them, to get quicker browning.

Not Drying The Food

Pat your proteins with paper towels before putting them into the air-fryer. This ensures quicker and more even browning of the food. Moisture on the surface of the food will result in steaming, and finally, soggy food.

Not Cleaning It Properly

If you’re a frequent air-fryer user, you need to make sure that you clean all the removable parts thoroughly. Occasionally, clean the whole body well, to get rid of grease and sauces, or splatters. Not cleaning your air-fryer well will result in diminished quality of food.

Are you making any of these mistakes with your air-fryer? Then make sure to use it in the right way for tasty, delicious food that will brighten your mood and also improve your health!

Rakesh Yadav