Difference Between Ink Tank & Ink jet Printer

Printers are used in offices, homes and in printing shops for printing a wide variety of media. Consumers can choose between laser and inkjet printers available in the market. When we talk about inkjet printers, we refer to printers which use ink cartridges for printing. But a new type of printer is now available in the market which uses ink tank instead of cartridges. This printer is known and ink tank printer. Some of the differences between conventional ink jet and new ink tank printers have been discussed here.

Cartridges vs Tank

Conventional inkjet printers have containers filled with ink. These containers are called cartridges. Colour inkjet printers have a single cartridge filled with black ink and three other cartridges containing ink of three primary colours. The cartridges have in-built printing heads which utilise the ink to print documents, images, etc.

In case of an ink tank printers, there are no cartridges but ink tanks filled with ink of various colours such as black, magenta, cyan and yellow. Unlike cartridges, the ink tanks do not use in-built printing head. In place of printing head, the tanks utilise an integrated bulk system to supply ink continuously for printing.

Number of prints

Conventional inkjet printers can print 300-400 pages on an average using a single cartridge. This number can be reduced if the printing quality needs to be very high. On the other hand, a good quality ink tank printer can print as much as 1000 pages or more using its tank. The number of pages it can print depends upon the capacity of the tank.


There is no significant difference between the print quality of inkjet and ink tank printers. In the case of inkjet printers, original ink cartridges of international standards with high quality ink and perfect compatibility with the printer ensures perfect printing quality. In case of ink tank printers, there are no third party parts because the ink tank is an integral part of the bulk ink system used for printing. This ensures high quality printing.


Ink tank printers cost much more than inkjet printers. However, the long term printing cost in case of ink tank printers is much less as compared to ink jet printers. This is because replacing the ink cartridges when they run out of ink is expensive. You need to purchase the original cartridges manufactured by the same company that has manufactured your printer. These are expensive. The price of the cartridges also depend upon the model and the capacity of the printer. In case of an ink tank printer, you simply need to refill the ink tank when its ink runs out. The refill ink bottles for ink tank printers are not expensive. Thus, even though you have to spend more to purchase ink tank printer, the printing costs are cheap.


What you select depends upon your individual requirements. If you do not print frequently, then traditional ink jet printer is suitable because it costs less and the printing costs remain low because of low frequency of printing. However, if you need a large volume of prints frequently, then ink tank printer is suitable because even though the cost of purchasing it is high, the printing costs of large volumes of prints is very low.

Rakesh Yadav