How To Use an Electric Kettle for Beginners

Electric kettle is a very useful machine for you. Whether you want a cup of tea or coffee instantly or want to cook a meal quickly, an electric kettle does it for you without hassles. It is important that you use your electric kettle properly and also maintain it well so that it continues to operate for a long period of time. Some of the useful tips for beginners regarding the correct handling of electric kettles have been mentioned here.

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Never turn on an empty kettle

An empty electric kettle should never be switched on. Powering an empty electric kettle causes damage to the heating element which ultimately decreases the lifespan of the kettle significantly. Nowadays, advanced electric kettles with automatic switch off feature when there is no water are also available in the market. If you do not possess such an electric kettle, it is important for you to remember this point.

Do not overfill the kettle

Boil only the amount of water that you require and don’t overfill the electric kettle. Boiling more amount of water than required puts extra strain on the heating element for a longer period of time which decreases the lifespan of the electric kettle. Hence, always boil only required quantity of water.

Never leave water in the kettle

You should always pour out the extra water from the electric kettle after use. You should also not use an electric kettle to store water. Presence of water in the electric kettle for prolonged periods leads to formation of limescale on its inner walls. Limescale buildup damages the heating element of the electric kettle and harms its durability. It is also beneficial to leave the lid of the electric kettle open when not in use because this prevents limescale buildup.

Allow the water to boil

Once you have switched on the electric kettle, do not meddle with the process by frequently opening the lid to check the progress. Switching the kettle off midway in the process should also be avoided. You need to allow the kettle to boil the water and switch off automatically when the process is completed.

Cleaning method

Boiling vinegar solution, baking soda solution or lemon solution in the electric kettle is a good way of getting rid of limescale buildup. Use a soft brush to scrub the inner part of the electric kettle. The exterior part of the kettle can be cleaned using sponge or damp cloth. Never use dishwasher to clean an electric kettle.

Rakesh Yadav