How To Use an Induction Cooktop

Many of the kitchens today are perfectly fitted with the induction cooktops. It is the product of modern kitchen ideas. It saves time when you are cooking and also allows for more other benefits. If you have newly installed one in your kitchen, here are some of the matters you need to keep in mind on how to use it. But first, you need the pots and pans suitable for cooking in the induction cooktops. It has to be made with iron or the magnetic kind of stainless steel. Then only the cooktop will cook the food. Confirm if the pan you buy works in the induction cooktop.

The only area of the cooktop that heats is the area that touches the pan. You can place the pan on the one half of the induction hob and the ice cubes on the other half. The ices cubes will not melt. So, it is also safe to use the induction cooktops in a home than the cooking appliances as the incidence of accidents are considerably lower here. The food is also cooked faster in cooktops than the normal stoves.

Here are some of the steps you have to follow to use the induction cooktop the right way. There are some important matters you need to keep in mind. Have a look at the points for your benefit and cook delicious food with the induction cooktops below 2K every day.

Learn to use the induction cooktop 

  • Switch the unit of the cooktop on the wall
  • Place the pan on the ring of the cooktop you decide you use. The induction cooktop will sense the content of iron in the pan and will begin to heat up immediately
  • Hold the finger down on the power button which is found on the cooktop
  • Each of the induction cooktops will have a different process for switching ON so check the user manual also
  • Begin the cooking by choosing the sensor that relates to the ring you utilize.
  • Adjust the heat by clicking the + and the – sensors
  • Set the time for the food immediately. The food will cook faster if you set the time correctly
  • Once the before the given process is over, press and hold the power button again to power off the appliance
  • You also need to keep in mind that without the proper pan the induction cooktop heat will not work

Remember these important matters. 

  • Do not leave the appliance for a long time when it is working
  • Do not use the place where the appliance is placed as a work or storage area
  • The cookware you use has to be perfect to avoid spills or other damages
  • Check if there are no flammable liquids and other materials near the appliance
  • Set the zone of cooking to zero when not using it

When cleaning the induction cooktop 

  • Tidy up the appliance with a clean cloth and some cleaning liquid
  • Do not use sharp objects to clean the induction cooktop
  • For your safety do not clean with the high-pressure cleaners

These are the points you have to follow when using the induction cooktops.

Rakesh Yadav