Kitchen Chimney Manual Vs. Auto Clean: Which is Better?

Modern technology options are providing people with easy ways to perform their tasks. It is also important for all the users to know the features that the best appliance provides to live better lives. Take, for instance, the chimney. It is a very useful invention for getting rid of kitchen smoke and soot. However, cleaning the chimney can get very hard sometimes. All the impure products will be lodged inside the chimney, so when you open it, there is lots of dirt there to clean. You cannot do it on your own and have to hire professional help to clean it.

So when we want to know which is best, that is kitchen chimney manual vs. auto clean, many people will go for auto clean chimney only because managing the latter model is easier. The manual cleaning of the kitchen chimney is hard. However, the auto-clean contains many advantages. Here is the difference between the two types of chimneys for your information.

  • Features

The auto clean chimney contains the oil collector. It is non-stick in nature. This is also detachable and offers an excellent option for cleaning frequently.

The kitchen chimney manual has no oil collector. The oil particles in it can get stuck in the filter, and this needs regular cleaning activities for keeping it clean.

  • Lifespan

The oil particles collected by the oil collector in the auto clean chimney can be removed or cleaned. This will increase the lifespan.

On the other hand, in the manual kitchen chimney, the oil is present in the filter and gets stocked there. This will pose a threat to the appliance and will put an end to its functionality sooner.

  • Maintenance

You have to empty and clean the oil collector once or twice a month, and this will depend on the usage of the auto clean chimney.

For the manual kitchen chimney, the oil particles get clogged in the filter that needs a professional to clean it. Then only the appliance will work effectively.

  • Suction power

The power of suction is more in the auto clean types of chimneys. This is because the particles of oil are not stuck in the filter. Because of the oil collector, the suction power is more.

In the manual kitchen chimney, the suction power is low. This is because all the oil collected is clogged in the filter.

  • Price

The auto clean kitchen chimneys budget is expensive when compared to the other kinds of chimneys. It is because they have some good features to boost that benefit the user. However, the cost of maintenance is less. This is because the cleaning happens automatically.

For the manual kitchen chimneys, the price is low. However, the charges for maintenance can be higher as it has to be cleaned from time to time.

These are some of the benefits of using the auto clean chimney. Both chimneys provide benefits to the users; however, the auto-clean appliances offer more advantages than the manual ones.

Rakesh Yadav