Learn About The Importance And Popularity Of Football Shoes

Every sport can be played perfectly if you have all the necessary equipment required to play the same. The importance of wearing sports shoes cannot be denied. Any sport like football, hockey, cricket, etc. require proper footwear so that the players can give optimum performance. The football shoes are also called cleats. The presence of studs under the shoe gives more traction. Skipping can be avoided because the grass on the playground is very slippery.

Best Football boots come in varying designs and colors. There are various famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Fila, Umbro, Zovi etc. These make quality footwear.

Importance Of Wearing Football Boots

Wearing comfortable footwear provides perfect stability, and the movements can be managed properly. It has a major effect on the performance of the players, and injuries are prevented. The players can do fast movements on the playground. It is advisable to wear lightweight shoes. Football shoes with a low cut provide stability during the play.

Selecting The Correct Football Boot Surface Type

Depending on the surface on which you are going to play, you need to select your Football shoes type. When you are buying football boots, it is important to select the sole type. This is necessary to maximize performance. Football can be played on different surface types like firm ground, soft ground, Artificial ground, and Astroturf.

Best Football Shoes Of All Time

In the olden days, players used to wear these shoes during the matches, but these are much in demand in the present times. Football shoes have witnessed technological upgrades.

Adidas F50 – The iconic wearers of this shoe are Arjen Robben, Hernan, Crespo, Lukas, Podolski. Its recent version is the F50 Adizero Prime.


  • It is a revolutionary shoe.
  • It does not have laces
  • The laces are concealed under the upper part of the boot.

Puma V1.06 – The iconic wearer is Samuel Eto’o. Today’s version is puma V1.II.


  • These are the lightest shoes.
  • The players perform faster due to its lightweight.
  • The shoes have a revolutionary look.

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II – It was worn for the first time by Luis Figo. Today’s version is Total 90 Laser III.


  • It’s a historic boot.
  • The design of the shoe provides comfort to the player.
  • The use of off-center lacing and the presence of air in the sole gives it a remarkable feature.

Mizuno wave Cap – The ionic wearer is Rivaldo. The present version is Ignitus II.

Features :

  • The major attraction of the shoe is the configuration of the studs.
  • It has become a significant trend among other brands.

Thus every sportswear comes in different styles and designs, You can choose your football boot type based on your requirement and comfort.

Rakesh Yadav