Mixer Grinder V/s Food Processor: Pros and Cons

Kitchen appliances have become a basic necessity that has made cooking easy and fast. One such appliance that you can find in all kitchens is mixer grinder or food processor based on a family’s need. Mixer grinder and food processor functions differ from one other. Both the appliances have an important place in the kitchen. However, due to budget and space constraints, people prefer buying either a mixer or food processor. Let’s see the pros and cons of these appliances to decide which works better for our family.

Mixer grinder pros and cons

A mixer is a helpful tool in kitchen for making Indian dishes. If you want chutneys, soups, and curry paste to be perfect then mixer is your appliance. Dosa and idly batter for a small family can easily be ground in a mixer, saving time and energy. Mixer grinder 750 watts lids are designed to be airtight to retain the food inside the container and avoid leakage or spills. A mixer is capable of crushing ice and handling tough ingredients like Cinnamon and other species. Mixer grinders are easy to clean and maintain, they withstand everyday wear and tear.

But one downside of the mixer is that you cannot use them for chopping or slicing of vegetables. Further, mixers are available in different variety, the motor speed and size determine the grinding capacity of the mixer.

Food processors pros and cons                                         

It is true that mixer is necessary for grinding any ingredient into a fine paste. But if you spend more time in your kitchen chopping and grating vegetables, then a food processor is the best appliance to invest in. A food processor comes with a variety of blades that make chopping, slicing or grating of vegetables easy and fast. Having a food processor in the kitchen cuts down the time spent on preparation. They can, in fact, blend or puree a mixture though not as smooth as a mixer.

But like other appliances food processor also has downsides, one being you cannot load it up like that of a mixer. A full food processor might end up leaving uncut vegetables. Liquid ingredients do not hold well in a food processor like they do in a mixer.

Which appliance to buy, mixer or food processor?

Both mixer and food processor have a place in the modern kitchen, each with its own advantages’. But at the end of the day, your decision must be based on the type of cooking you do. If you like making chutneys and soups go for mixer, but on the other hand if you spend time cutting vegetables then invest in a food processor.

Rakesh Yadav