Sisal Carpet: The Best Natural Carpet

Sisal carpet is a type of natural carpet that is extracted from the Agave plant. The plant has long spiny leaves from which the raw material used for making the fiber is extracted. Sisal is a highly durable material that is used in the manufacture of rugs and carpets that can be used in high traffic areas of the home. It can also be used as a wall to wall carpet or rug or runner. The material sisal is also used for making rope, twine, cloth, paper, handicrafts, and wall coverings.

sisal carpet

Sisal carpet has become very famous as a home decor material because these days customers prefer environmental friendly options over hardwood. Moreover, sisal has a natural beige look along with the ability to hold fewer allergens. The material is so soft that it hardly stimulates any anaphylaxis. Also, it is quite soft and doesn’t hold stains/ dirt. Since the carpets are prepared from a plant, the product reflects the irregularities in its texture that make it all the more aesthetic and appealing. Sisal carpets give a rugged feeling to the living space.

What Are The Various Benefits Of Having Sisal Carpets?

  • Sisal carpet is a natural product prepared from the sisal plant and hence it is eco friendly.
  • The carpet is naturally resistant to any marks and stains.
  • It hardly traps any dust or allergens
  • The carpet can be used in high traffic areas of the home like the drawing-room because it is durable.
  • The carpet doesn’t build up any static electricity force.
  • The material doesn’t compress and neither shows any wear and tear marks. It looks clean and new always.
  • Since the carpet has a natural color it is appealing and goes well with all sorts of themes, furniture. It shows that you have a sophisticated living style.
  • Sisal also has the property of absorbing the sound well since its molecular structure is denser than other types of carpet.

What Are The Various Cons Of Purchasing A Sisal Carpet?

  • Sisal carpet is not only water-resistant but it also absorbs water like a sponge.
  • Since it has irregularities and a rugged surface, it isn’t something you should go for if you are looking for something soft. It is not a good surface for kids to play on.

Places like the living room, steps and hallways, entry mats, and offices are the best suited for having a sisal carpet flooring. Since these are high traffic areas, they will have more visitors and sisal is resistant to wear and tear hence the placement. On the other side, outdoors, wet areas, areas that have a lot of snow and moisture, frequent spills, bathrooms, spas, kitchen, etc are the places where sisal flooring should be avoided. Since sisal is a material resistant to wear and tear but can absorb water and remain damp, its placement is an issue of concern so before you make up your mind to purchase it, consider the area where it is going to be placed.

Rakesh Yadav