What is a globe valve? How it functions?

The main function of the valve is to regulate and control the flow of the liquid through the valve. Depending on the type of the disc used in the valve, the valves get their names. The body of the globe valve is similar to that of the globe. The globe valve can be used for both stopping/starting the fluid flow as well as regulating the flow of fluid. The linear motion of the fluid is maintained by the globe valve. Globe valve comes in four different designs depending on the flow of the fluid namely:

  • Angle Flow
  • Straight flow
  • Y Flow
  • Straight Flow

Working of Globe Valves:

The globe valve works on the principle of accumulated pressure of the fluid. As the fluid flows from one end of the pipeline to another, the fluid comes and settles at the bottom portion of the valve till the pressure increases to an extent that it can raise the stem of the valve. As the stem of the valve rises, it allows the fluid to pass from one end of the valve to the other end of the valve. The incremental pressure which is due to the accumulation of the fluid leads to a drop in the pressure of the fluid as some energy is required to raise the seal of the valve. It works on the complete on/off position of the valve.

Advantage of Globe valve:

  • Leakage in the case of the globe valves is less compared to the other kinds of valves. The seat contact in the globe valve is perpendicular, hence reduction in leakage of fluid.
  • Easier operation of the valve due to the inherent pressure on the bottom side of the seat of the valve. It also enhances the pressure distribution across different parts of the valve.

Disadvantages of the globe valve:

  • The movement of the valve is due to the flow of the liquid within the valve. As a result, there can be an extensively high drop in the pressure of the liquid during its flow within the pipelines.
  • High requirement of operational power for its functioning, makes globe valves highly power consuming and less energy efficient.
  • The noise generation of the globe valves are more compared to the gate and ball valves.
  • The size of the globe valves are bigger compared to other types, thus making the globe valve unsuitable to be used in areas of space constraints like underground pipelines.

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Rakesh Yadav