What is a Microwave Oven? And Its Uses?

A microwave oven cooks and heats foods by exposure to EM-electromagnetic radiation in the selected range of frequency. This is an electric oven and operates on electricity. It works by induction of polar molecules to rotate within the food and generate thermal energy by a dielectric heating process. A microwave oven heats and cooks food fast and effectively. This is due to the reasonably uniform excitation in high water and homogeneous food.

Uses of a Microwave Oven

Food reheating

This is one of the primary use of a microwave oven. It is efficient, keeps up with the crucial nutrients, reheats any food, and provides no sogginess in food.

Cook food

Several food varieties can be cooked with a microwave oven, mainly which are multifunctional in their use. It is very versatile in use.

They can be used for:

  • Grilling
  • Baking
  • Boiling
  • Roasting
  • Steaming food
  • Disinfecting

Sponges and cutting boards can be disinfected with a microwave oven. Soak the cutting board/sponge in lemon juice and then heat in a solo microwave for 60 seconds for disinfecting them.

Extracting more juice from citrus fruits

By microwaving an orange or lemon or any other citrus fruit is taken out from the refrigerator for just 20 seconds, you can extract more juice from it and right away.

Heat beauty products

Some of the beauty products are felt better and give better results as well on the skin after heating them before applying them on your skin. A microwave can make warming these products much easier, simpler, and even less messy, which otherwise is not convenient to do. Warm-up oil, heat conditioning packs, facial masks, and gel packs safely and easily.

Garlic roast

Roasting garlic on several dishes is a must, particularly if you are a garlic lover and a foodie. Though a garlic bulb will take around 45 minutes, otherwise, it takes only 8 minutes in a microwave. Wrap in plastic and season the garlic bulb and microwave, and it is done.

Honey de-crystallization

Microwave the solidified honey after opening the lid for one minute. This de-crystallizes honey, and you are ready to use it again. No need to throw away the honey anymore.

Yeast Proofing

It will take around one hour to proof yeast. However, you can take 15 minutes to do it if you use a microwave oven. But, it is essential to remember that do not set it for 15 minutes. Set the microwave initially to three minutes. After this, permit the dough to stand or rather remain for three minutes. Later, microwave heat to around three minutes again. Permit the dough to remain again for about 3 minutes. Finally, heat the dough again for another three minutes. This time let it rest for six minutes. You would see the dough bulk to double up with this process.

A microwave or a microwave oven has a large range of uses and is a very useful and versatile appliance for the kitchen. It cooks, reheats, heats, roasts, boils, grills, toasts, disinfects, and many more.

Rakesh Yadav