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From the Director’s Desk

A legacy is an era reckoned in an Institute’s life.  Although Central Institute of Horticulture, Medziphema, Nagaland began its journey from November, 2006 the process of its origin had already began in March 27th, 2006 when it was inaugurated at the hand of the then Hon’ble Minister Shri.Sharad Pawar, Union Agriculture Minister of India.   Considering the huge potential of horticulture development in the region it was started with Shri.L.S.Reddy as an officer incharge.  The original spade work accomplished during his tenure has provided a sound ground for faster development of this Institute that cannot be over emphasised.

I have honour of being the present Director of the Institute for the most of the major happenings be it  farm development, plantation, irrigation facilities, infrastructure development, shade net, polyhouses and small analysis laboratory with facilities of soil analysis, leave analysis and fruit quality analysis.  Early days in CIH were trying and tough under the regular Director, Dr.Akali Sema, who was a real hard working lady Director.  That was the formative and constructive time for CIH.  The farm development with underground water facility and well planned layout and some of the important plantation that time which are still serving the Institute need are in fact the marvels.  The kind of work culture established then has proved simply exemplary.  The baton exchanged the hands again in November, 2013.  Best efforts are being made to strengthen the ongoing activities with addition to four certificate courses for the self employed of less educated youth and authorization of nursery accreditation and certification for horticultural crops in the whole NEH Region.  While several programmes came to their logical ends, the other has been launched.  Today there are number of programmes started and funded and working independently during the course.  The Institute development was witnessed and appreciated by regional and national organisations and many visiting luminaries.  The Director’s office along with his cabin was shifted to newly constructed training centre building where all the officers were provided separate corporate cabin and computer with internet facility.  The farmers and Trainers training were encouraged under HRD and also the  high-tech horticulture are being demonstrated intensively at farmers field and at Institute farm.  The promotion of market linkage and entrepreneurship programme through different exposure trip to commercial organization.  All the technical and administrative staffs were encouraged for specialized training under HRD initiative.

The ultra high density of guava plantation and double row system of pineapple plantation, mango varieties under being and temperate fruits like peach etc has got a new dimension in demonstrated.  Production of cucumber, capsicum, cheery tomato, anthurium, gerbera, carnation and different varieties of rose added advantage as an under protected structural cultivation in demonstration to generate more remuneration of high value crops for the farmers of these region.  The presence of CIH in NER is being felt in every sphere of places in the region.

The most important happening taking place is the authorisation for nursery accreditation and certification programme of horticultural crops of NER and launching of four certificate courses like Modern Nursery Management Practices of Horticultural Crops, Organic farming and Certification, Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops and Protected cultivation of horticultural crops which is historical events for looking ahead for its happening on regular basis.

The Institute has come up well and has now several feathers to its cap.  At the same time, some of the plantation is not performing well and gradually needing replacement.  The CIH is on the job.

I must put on record my respect to all farmers, officers’ incharge and Director who in fact have been instrumental in bringing the Institute in this shape.  All these colleagues who worked hand in hand during their prime self in the past and contributed handsomely cannot be forgotten and still have expectation with same endeavour and enthusiasm in coming future too.  However, Institute has been running in deficit of permanent staff and official’s throughout its inception.

With limited human resources such CIH, Medziphema, Nagaland has a very promising future along with few challenges to address too.  The milestone is larger and we have to walk rather run and run.  So that, we can catch up those to bring this region at par to national and international status.




Dr. Lallan Ram
Director, CIH







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