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Nagaland Pineapples are known to be among the best in the world due to its high TSS content (high sugar) and less fibre making it very pleasant to taste and savor it. In an effort to exhibit this unique and high quality pineapples of the state of Nagaland, CIH in collaboration of NHB and ICCOA organized an 11 day (17th-27th July, 2010) Organic Pineapple Festival at INA Dilli Haat, New Delhi by helping the Nagaland Organic Pineapple Growers Society to market their produce.

CIH organized an exposure trip of some selected farmers from the society to study the market at SIRSI, Karnataka and New Delhi. These trips were coordinated by staff of CIH along with ICCOA and NHB.

CIH facilitated the society to avail NHB scheme that are available for the farmers with regards to transportation cost, travel expenses, packaging cost as well as exhibition and advertisements.

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