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The Directorate of Biotechnology in collaboration with Central Institute of Horticulture Govt. of India has organized 10 nos of training programme in  Tripura on Improved production technologies of horticulture crops(3 Nos) ,Post Harvest Management of Horticulture crops(2 nos) ,Nursery techniques of fruit(2nos), Organic farming(1no) , IPNM(1no) & IPM & IDM(1no) with one day duration of each training. The training programmes have been conducted at Bridhhi Nagar GP,Tulakona GP under Jirania Block,West Tripura District Community canning centre Agartala, Bikram Nagar , Suryamani nagar GP under Dukli Block and South Narayanpur GP under Bamutia block.. The training programmes were attended by 500 farmers (list of the farmers attached). The farmers were very attentive in all the training programmes as the training consist of power point presentation with local language and video films of relevant subjects. The training were pertained by the resource persons from Directorate of Biotechnology, ICAR Tripura, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Horticulture, CIPMC, Govt. of India, College of Agriculture, Tripura. The participant were provided with Training Kits with study materials, Tea, Refreshment, working lunch, TA. The topic included Improved vegetable and fruit production , green house technologies , Nursery techniques of fruit crops, production of quality planting material, grafting and budding techniques, Micro-propagation techniques, Importance of value addition in Horticultural crops, Preservation techniques of Horticultural crops, Preparation techniques of Squash,Jelly, Preparation techniques of Pickles, Organic farming of vegetable crop, preparation of biopesticide, Biofertilizer in organic farming, IPPPM techniques of crops , IPNM techniques of vegetable and fruit crops etc.

The objective of the training is to sensitize & provide first hand knowledge on new technologies of horticulture crops in different subject for increase production and productivity of the crop. It also aim to improve the socio-economic development of farming community by implementing the new technologies.    In a view of that the farmers were provided comprehensive subject based knowledge. At the end of the training following events were taken up.

Farmers shown interest on creating small group for introducing the learnt technologies from the training programme. 

Farmers were convinced that technologies provided during the training programme shall help to increase the productivity. 

The training programme has addressed the problems facing by the farming community in their every day farming. It has provided solution to the farmers for making alternative use of natural resources. 

The value addition of horticulture crops open a new arena for obtaining additional income. 

The IPM, IDM and Organic farming techniques has reduced the dependence on chemical input in the farming land.

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