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(Three months course)


Fresh fruits and vegetables comprise almost 35% of the world trade in horticulture. Being highly perishable in nature, efficient post harvest has become an absolute necessity. The magnitude of loss in food grains is to the tune of 10% whereas for fruits and vegetables losses are estimated at 35-40% due to improper Post Harvest Management (PHM). It not only amounts to a loss estimated at crores of rupees per year but also wastage of labour, energy and inputs involved in production.

With the need to have a strong post harvest loss awareness, conscious of these perishables, the Central Institute of Horticulture is introducing a new certificate course in “Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops”. The certificate course is for three months duration and successful completion of the course will enable the individual for placement in the field of post harvest technology. It will also enable the individual for self employment opportunities with assistance from various organizations.

The participants or trainees will be equipped with the basic knowledge on post harvest technology applicable to agricultural/ horticulture produce after harvest for its protection, conservation, processing, packaging, distribution, marketing, and utilization an important factor to meet the food and nutritional requirements of the people in relation to their needs. 



v  To provide basic knowledge of postharvest management of horticultural crops, including postharvest   losses and their control.

v  To familiarize students with the post harvest handling techniques for maintaining product quality.


v  To equip students in handling fresh and processed horticultural crops. 

v  To popularize home scale value addition of horticultural crops through hands on training.



DURATION: Three months (Class room/ lecture / practical/ field visits, internship) 

BATCH STRENGTH: 20 students per batch  

LOCATION: Central Institute of Horticulture, Medziphema, Nagaland


ELIGIBILITY:  Minimum qualifications of class X pass and above




v  Importance of post harvest management of horticultural crops.

v  Maturity indices, harvesting of horticultural crops

v  Pre harvest factors affecting post harvest life of horticultural crops

v  Cooling of horticultural crops

v  Packing and pack house operations

v  Packaging technology

v  Cushioning materials

v  Storage and transportation of horticultural crops

v  Management of Post harvest pest & diseases of horticultural crops

v  Food safety practices

v  Handling at destination markets

v  Post harvest handling of vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices

Processing and value addition of horticultural crops.



v  Judging right stage of maturity in various horticultural crops

v  Grading of horticultural produce,

v  Post harvest treatments of horticultural crops.

v  Packaging & storage of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices

v  Post harvest disorders in horticultural produce.

v  Identification & management of storage pests and diseases

v  Value addition in horticulture crops 

v  Visit to markets, packaging houses, processing and cold storage units.


The enrolled trainees will undergo internship for a period of 15 days in selected processing units/ cold storages or in field. The internship would enable them to gain practical experience of what has been learnt in a factual way.



      Supervisors, technical assistants in processing units, factories, cold storage units etc.,  self employed or work with NGOs in the field concern. 




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